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Who is Hygieia?


Hygieia is the Geek goddess of physical and mental health. She was connected with Asklepios in the 5th century BCE, and together they became the most famous healing couple within the Greek and Roman world. She has a place within the most important triad of healing gods, Apollo and Asklepios. She was honored from the 7th century BCE until the 5th century CE and even today we have inherited her name in our word hygiene, meaning to condition or engage in practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease. Here at Hygieia Wellness we strive to align our mission with her calling to provide healing and wellbeing to her patrons. 


My Story

Mx. Steph Lamblin, MSCJ, NCC, LPC, LAC, EMDR Certification Candidate, CERTH

She/Her & They/Them


I’m a Northern Colorado Licensed Addictions Counselor, Licensed Clinical Counselor and Certified Master Herbalist. I am also CAMS and EMDR Certification Candidate. Over my 10 years of experience in victims advocacy and mental health services.  I am queer, indigenous and two spirit. I have had my own recovery through trauma and watching those I love struggle with addiction. This lead me on a quest to understand the realms victims services. I began to volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Applied Social Sciences at CSU. I worked as a victims advocate there after earning that degree, working with families in recovery from domestic violence. I saw a cross over of criminal behavior and substance abuse within this population and decided to earn my a masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Administration with a goal to work with people in the system recovering from domestic violence who were lead into criminal and substance abuse behaviors. I would then go on to pursue a second Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and become a Licensed Addictions Counselor in Colorado. During my studies I worked in a variety of settings specializing in substance abuse, and dual diagnosis. I worked in chemical dependency detox, medically assisted treatment centers, partial hospitalization treatment centers, intensive outpatient and outpatient recovery services. The experiences throughout my life as a queer person of color have helped me to embrace who I am. My education and experiences in the field of counseling helped me to expand my knowledge of the impact trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders to help others on their journey toward recovery.


Professional Affiliations

President and Cofounder of The Prism Coalition

Open Path Collective Psychotherapy Provider

Holistic Chamber of Commerce Member

Gryphon's Comics and Games Co Op Member

American Psychological Association

American Counseling Association 

Cosplayers of Larimer and Weld County

Address Confidentiality Application Assistant Volunteer

Certified Victims Advocate - Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 

Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce Member - Fort Collins Chapter

Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance Member

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault Member

I live in Fort Collins with my spouse, beagle mix Zoe the Therapy Dog, my ESA beagle mix, Ezra, and my bearded dragon Ada. We enjoy family, friends, cosplaying with the Cosplayers of Larimer and Weld County, and networking with locals in the local geek and LGBT communities. I travel annually with my best friend exploring haunted locations and historical sites. 



Zoe The Therapy Dog 

My name is Zoe Lamblin. I am a 8 years old Beagle Basset Hound Mix. I live in Colorado with my two human parents who are Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Counselors, and my sister Ada the bearded dragon. I am a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine. My parents and I a team at the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. I will be joining the Hygieia Wellness in Partnership With Equilibrium Counseling Services with my mom Stepheny Lamblin, MSCJ, NCC, LPC, LAC, EMDR certification candidate, CERTH for their/her in person sessions. You may also see me out in the community at volunteer events with my parents. 

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